Here I’ve assembled links to various resources, some supplied by me, related to physics, maths, and several other areas of interest. I curated these lists initially as a reading checklist for myself; however, as I have found myself referring friends and colleagues to these items increasingly, it made sense to persist the information in a single page.


The below are some interesting sources of reading material, both professional and colloquial. In no particular order, the items below span my favorite journals, ArXiv filters, popular-science summaries, and blogs by practitioners. I use the below as a personal checklist, my “what to read” queue, and I recommend each source whole-heartedly. I’m always looking for new sources, so please send me anything great you find not listed here!


Other Blogs

Reference Texts

These pages contain links and explanations of some of my favorite books, chalks, pens, and various other items. The chosen texts and tools below are either essential to my work or essential to my happiness (a slight exxageration, but who doesn’t like the perfect piece of chalk?).



Tools of the Trade


I also routinely use and create developer resources, mostly related to Python and computational physics. I’ve collected the highlights below, including my favorite programming libraries and tutorials related to those libraries. Any of the code referenced below, I either use routinely myself or have contributed to personally.

General Python

Computational & HPC

Physics in Python